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Meikal Mumin, M.A.

[?me?k?al ?mu?mi?n]

Universität zu Köln
Institut für Afrikanistik und Ägyptologie
D-50923 Köln

Meikal Mumin

I am a PhD candidate with the Institute for African Studies and Egyptology, University of Cologne, and the Dipartimento Asia Africa e Mediterraneo (DAAM), Università degli Studi di Napoli - L'Orientale under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gerrit J. Dimmendaal (University of Cologne) and Prof. Dr. Mauro Tosco (Università degli Studi di Torino).

For my PhD, I am studying Chimiini (also known as Chimwiini, Chimbalazi, or Barawanese), a minority Bantu language of Somalia. In this context, I have conducted fieldwork among speaker communities in Kenya and the U.K. Apart from documenting the basics of the language, I am trying to look specifically at how Chimiini was influenced by Somali, Arabic, and further languages of the area.

Previously, I had written my masters thesis entitled "The Arabic script in Africa" on the use of Arabic script for the writing of languages of Africa apart from Arabic (also referred to as Ajami in certain regions). Since, I have tried to do some networking to advance this field of research by co-organizing two symposia as well as co-publishing a collected volume by the same name on the matter. For more information, please consult Tasia.

During my studies, I have also taken a closer look at functional approaches to (oral) literature, converbs in Cushitic and Omotic, second occurrence focus, Islam in Africa, (il-)literacy, Somali traditional law, Somali and Iranian nomadism, cultural contacts between the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, and generally 'all things Somalia'.

Last updated: 2014-05-13