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Women, work and migration of female sex workers at the Kenyan Coast

Researcher: Bonciana Lisanza
Supervisors: Prof. Omar Egesah (Kenya), Prof. Dr. Anne Storch, PD Dr. Angelika Mietzner

Bonciana Lisanza examines language strategies of female sex workers in Mtwapa, Kenya. It is mainly about the analysis of narratives that the women tell. These narratives seem to be no real stories, but rather stories that stand apart from reality and work. The migration for work is strictly related to the narrative, as it not only has an impact on one's own emotions, but also shapes the interaction with the employees or competitors and the linguistic repertoire and linguistic ideologies brought from home is used to interpret the incomprehensible. Apart from the factors of language choice within the circle of colleagues in the field of prostitution, linguistic performance with the customers also plays a role, which has to be examined in this project.