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Buchtipp Juni 2020

Being a Parent in the Field · Implications and Challenges of Accompanied Fieldwork

Fabienne Braukmann / Michaela Haug / Katja Metzmacher / Rosalie Stolz (eds.)

How does being a parent in the field influence a researcher's positionality and the production of ethnographic knowledge?

Based on regionally and thematically diverse cases, this collection explores methodological, theoretical, and ethical dimensions of accompanied fieldwork. The authors show how multiple familial relations and the presence of their children, partners, or other family members impact the immersion into the field and the construction of its boundaries.

Female and male authors from various career stages exemplify different research conditions, financial constraints, and family-career challenges which are decisive for academic success.


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  • On Being a Parent in the Field · Practical, Epistemological, Methodological and Ethical Implications of Accompanied Fieldwork
    Rosalie Stolz, Katja Metzmacher, Michaela Haug, Fabienne Braukmann
  • Positionality, Similarity and Difference
    • Rethinking the Ethnographer · Reflections on Fieldwork with and without Family in Mexico and Namibia
      Julia Pauli
    • Unexpected Resonances · Observations of an Expecting Ethnographer
      Corinna A. Di Stefano
    • Circulating Family Images · Doing Fieldwork and Artwork with/about Family
      Simone Pfeifer
    • Returning to the Field as Mother · Reflections on Closeness and Difference in Long-Term Fieldwork
      Michaela Haug

  • Producing Ethnographic Knowledge
    • Entangled Family · Parenting and Field Research in a Togolese Village
      Tabea Häberlein
    • Falling in and out of Sync in Upland Laos · Relative Immersive Processes and Immersive Processes with Relatives in a Khmu Village
      Rosalie Stolz
    • “We Will Go on Vacation, while You Work” · A View from a South African Playground on the Ambivalent Reception of the Sani Pass Infrastructure Project
      Anne Turin
    • Bringing My Wife and Children to the Field · Methodological, Epistemological and Ethical Reflections
      Leberecht Funk

  • Constructing the Field
    • On Being a Father in the Field · Mobility, Distance and Closeness
      Mario Krämer
    • Whisky, Kids and Sleepless Nights · The Challenge of Being a Mother, a Student and a Researcher
      Tabea Schiefer
    • Capturing Sounds · Children’s Voices in the Field and how They Impact Our Research
      Andrea Hollington
    • Shared Field, Divided Field · Expectations of an Anthropological Couple in Southeast Asia
      Felix Girke
    • From Tightrope Walks to Entangled Families
      Erdmute Alber