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Buchtipp November 2019

Tutrugbu (Nyangbo) Language and Culture

James Essegbey

This is the first comprehensive description of Tutrugbu (Nyangbo - nyb), a Ghana Togo Mountain (gtm) language of the Kwa family. It is based on a documentary corpus of different genre of linguistic and cultural practices gathered during periods of immersion fieldwork. Tutrugbu speakers are almost all bilingual in Ewe, another Kwa language.

The book presents innovative analyses of phenomena like Advanced Tongue Root and labial vowel harmony, noun classes, topological relational verbs, the two classes of adpositions, obligatory complement verbs, multi-verbs in a single clause, and information structure.

This grammar is unparalleled in including a characterization of culturally defined activity types and their associated speech formulae and routine strategies. It should appeal to linguists interested in African languages, language documentation and typology.


Signatur 419/KI/1/294