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The library of the department of African studies is accessible for members of the University of Cologne and visiting researchers and students. The core of the library is formed of a comprehensive research literature on the languages, linguistics, society, culture and history of Africa. Additional areas covered are the post-colonial critisiscm, Tourism Studies and Heritage Studies.

The holdings of the library can be checked online through the Catalogue of Cologne University (KUG). 

The library of the department of African studies is a lending library, this means that in general it is possible to lend books.
Since the books in the institute are distributed in different rooms, it is unfortunately not possible to browse the shelves for books and to view the books independently. Please note that there is no photocopier or scanner in the library.

Please use the online catalogue to research the shelfmark of the particular book you want to view or borrow. The easiest way is to pre-order books by e-mail, indicating author's name, book title and shelfmark and pick them up during the opening hours.



Carmen Weinzierl,, phone 0221-470-3885