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Bad language: noises, silences, ruptures

Researcher: Prof. Dr. Anne Storch, PD Dr. Angelika Mietzner, Prof. Dr. Nico Nassenstein (Mainz)

Language that is out of place, not spoken “properly”, a conversation on the impossible, the unspeakable and the unheard of: what is language really when it is not under control, torn and broken?

This project is about language that differs from normative representations, not (only) as a deliberate subversive performance (but also this), but also as a construction of perceived inadequacy and as agentive speech that does the wrong kind of things. Swearing and cursing, yelling, mocking, shouting and crying are in the focus of the project.

It looks at language at places that are not so often investigated by linguists, such as beaches, where language leads a life apart, liminal and strange.