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Ressources and Estates

Jukun Manuscripts

The collection of Jukun materials on this website combine field data from William Welmers, Margret Dykstra and Robert Koops. All of the Jukun databases have been given to the institute by Rob Koops in order to be digitalised and made accessible to a wider public. The original copies are now in the archive of Roger Blench, Cambridge (UK)

(Anne Storch)

Bibliography to vocal harmony in African languages

The studies in vocal harmony in African languages began with Akan, which contains a bidirectional vocal harmony and appearances of palatalization. In this regard, there are plenty of essays which are recommendable to anyone, who is interested in comprehending the evolution of the theoretical discussion about vocal harmony. (also see Akan).

The bibliography shows that there is whether a regional nor a genetic limit on appearance. Languages containing vocal harmony are spread over the entire continent and find themselves in West, East and South Africa. Representatives of the three big families of language, the Nilo Saharan, the Afro Asian and the Niger Congo languages, imply vocals following the harmonic principle. Only in Khoisan languages there was –according to my knowledge– no vocal harmony found.

(Ursula Drolc †)